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September 11, 2009

Muslims in the Attic

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We haven’t heard from Alfie since July and we’re worried.

ship.jpgNews coverage of the “ghost ships” is no comfort. It’s mostly just the official gov’t video releases remixed and rehashed. Yes, publishing pictures of “detainees” or (even the ships) is still a crime according to the US interpretation of the Geneva convention (and why start following it now?). But the real accounts are out there and they tell a much different story than women in burkas playing shuffleboard and casinos turned into mosques.

For those of you just waking up from deep hybernation, we’d suggest reading these posts in the order they were posted (i.e., bottom to top) to make any sense of this.

We’ve assembled a single page containing all of Alfie’s blog posts and emails in the order in which they appeared.

Otherwise, you can start at the bottom of Alfie’s original blog and come back to the bottom of ours when you’re ready for the rest.

Alfie is one extraordinary little kid. We’re praying for you, Alfie.
Peace. Moxie Lives!


July 28, 2009

We are totally speechless…

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Dear Mo and Everyone,


July 5, 2009

A short email from Alfie

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I'm not going to say much about the bombings in San Diego yesterdat except to say I'm very sad for everyone, especially the families of the survivors and the soldiers who died.

I don't care if it wasn't as big or as deadly as New York. It's still bad. People died. This shit has to stop or we're all going to wind up dead. The war needs to stop. They're trying to end the world. Pedar says they'll definitely start Martial law now.

Maybe it's better that Farah is out at sea with the 150 thousand other 'terrorists' (not that rounding them up prevented San Diego, you a**holes!). But won't some country please accept the ships already? France, Germany, even Turkey! Wake up! Stop blaming the US for being so stupid. We can't help it!

Our government isn't going to take them back with these idiots on the radio and we're even threatening to sink them if they turn back or try for Canada. Those poor people are going to die out there in the middle of the ocean and no one seems to care!

June 21, 2009

“Heaven is not Above”

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We almost missed this one in our SPAM filter.

Dear Mo,

It's summer time and hot as hell up here. I'm not even sweating anymore. The sweat just evaporates as soon as it appears. (more…)

June 14, 2009

“Home Again, sort of…”

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The latest email from Alfie:

Dear Mo,

OMG! It's been four weeks and believe it or not, we're back at the Stein's house again. Thank God, too, because it was starting to really smell in that last basement. I don't even want to talk about the rats… (more…)

May 16, 2009

Text Message from Alfie

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A text message from the back of a van. Alfie be careful!

dear Mo Brownstein,

we're moving again. i have to write this in the back of a smelly old fish van. what if Farah comes to the attic and we're not there? but Pedar said it was too dangerous to stay. his friends came to hide us for a bit. If Farah is rly hiding, then she's better off than we are. but no one knows…

i saw the ships, first hand. it was some site. 26 luxury cruisers turned into floating prisons out in NY harbor. it's like the slave ships, but in reverse. they're all loading up from ellis iland now. the statue of liberty has her back turned and talk radio is full of "sink the brownies!" and i'm getting worried. i'm not worried they're going to burn and gas us like I guess they did to jews and gypsies and queer folk last time. i'm worried that they're gonna make them sail forever, like ghost ships.

i hate the ocean.

sorry this has to be so short. i'm feeling sick and my battery is low.

—love, Alfie.

May 14, 2009

Alfie needs our help!

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Latest email! In Alfie's words…

Farah is gone! I'm sorry for writing when I'm so upset and I'm in the middle of packing everything, but this is important. Please get the word out. You've got to help her.

Last night, she snuck out with Joel to see a movie. I told her not to go, but Joel hepped his mom's Este Lauder foundation, plus her old wig, and Farah was just going nuts up here, trust me. God, I hope they ran away somewhere, but I don't think so.

Pedar won't even talk about it and Joel's mother is just as upset. Not that I blame them. They think Joel is under arrest but they can't go to the police or they might come search the house.

Farah is 5'3", dark skinned (depending on the makeup), big round eyes, nice body, and she has the prettiest smile. Joel is maybe 5'9", pale, and on the thin side. I don't want to say any more in case they're just hiding and the soldiers read this too.

God, I wish I knew what to do.

—feeling totally helpless, Alfie.

May 4, 2009

Who is Alfie Fatiri? (part two)

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A couple of you "Friends of Freak Fashion" wrote in Saturday night (what are you doing in on a Saturday night?) with your theories and wild speculation on the source of the "Muslims in the Attic" blog. At least one of you was enterprising enough to hack WordPress to give you Alfie's given registration info. But we checked and that account info goes to some long-forgotten blog and the username bounces.

Here's what we (picture: Mo, SJ, and Hallie in a huddle) collectively believe about Alfie:

  • alfie.jpgHe (we guess Alfie's a 'he' from the writing and pic, though he seems to like boys — nothing wrong with that — at least one of us does too!) is only a teenager, though his writing is most definitely above average for his age. But it's the emotion we were taken with. He puts it all out there, feelings, fears, wishes — everything but his real name. We have a theory as to why he chose this pen name, but we're sticking to what we know.
  • He's admitedly Muslim, but not all "Allah Akbar" in your face. In fact, he writes <mercy> instead of G-d. The owners of the house he's hiding in seem to be Jewish (or, like Mo, Jewish-ish), in what seems like evidence of G-d's existence, or at least His sense of irony. (note: G-d is just how I write it. Born that way I guess.).
  • Based on the timeline of global events in his life, etc.., the human computer that is SJ Park puts him at about 14.8
  • No one has been able to ID the picture as anyone other than "alfie."
  • We believe he's truly scared. And that's why we originally took the time away from the Geek Chiq Mystique bizabuzz to report on this, er, political stuff. We didn't see it covered anywhere on the political blogs (as of yesterday) or the mainstream media (naturally), so we figured we'd cover it here. We don't care if other blogs take it and run with it. But we're curious to see how this develops…

Stay tuned, Fashional Personistas Especiale…

May 2, 2009

Alfie Speaks

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As most of you know, Alfie Fatiri's blog was frozen last week. Maybe his father intervened, or maybe it's worse. Needless to say, we were all very worried and we still are. But at least we know Alfie's alive. He's found a new way to post, here on OUR blog, via several third parties we trust. We have no idea where Alfie is, but we're 100% sure these emails are legit. That's one smart, brave kid.

For the record, the official DHS pressscritter responded to one of our many emails about the black smoke seen rising above one of the camps—she says it's from a faulty trash burning facility. However, she wouldn't comment on the rumors of mass deportations filling the blogosphere.

–Mo Brownstein, Editor, Moxie Dangerous

Now, In Alfie's own words:

Let me tell you about the camps. I read on the news that it's for our own benefit. No one is hiring Arabs anymore (not that we're all Arabs, but who cares, right?). And we're getting beaten up and burned way too often. Half of Cobble Hill is burned out by now. Plus, they said, with all of the Arabs off unemployment now, plus the new "jobs" the camps created, this should give the economy a needed boost. Well, that and the war and the sale of all our property should do the trick…

It turns out, it's all a lie. Pedar told me they're rounding us up to send us back to Egypt or Iran or wherever we came from. But I don't know why you'd need a damn camp for that. And I don't know why we'd need to hide in an attic for that. This can't be much better than going back to Iran. Iran didn't cause the bomb and they didn't start this damn war. But maybe now that our planes are bombing them too, this damn attic really is safer…

I think Pedar's just trying to make Farah and me feel better. He does that. He tells us everything is going to be okay. (btw, he doesn't know about this email. I feel kind of bad, but I miss you all so much).

I read all about how they rounded up all the Japanese Americans during World War II. I read all about the Holocaust too. I'm home schooled, not retarded! I've even read The Diaries. And no, I don't think I'm like Anne at all, so stop telling me I am.

For one thing, she didn't know she had a audience. I also read about some professor-types debating whether I was more or less honest because of that. I don't care! I'll tell you whatever I can, anonymously, and let you think whatever you want. I've changed our names and left out a few key details, but that's all.

I just hope we do better than she did in the end.

Our friends downstairs—let's call them the Steins—give us bits of news and food and tell us not to worry about all that. They say: "We have laws and stuff and as long as the military doesn't take over completely, the law won't let another holocaust happen." Yeah right. I think they're also just trying to be nice. But it's their house and they're risking jail and I don't argue.

TBD (The Boy Downstairs)—let's call him Joel—comes up to visit sometimes. As I think I mentioned, he really likes Farah, who is like fifteen now and showing the family curves (and how). But Farah doesn't like Joel so much—he's too nerdy, she says. So am I and I like him just fine. But that's another story…

Anyway, he said he saw one of the camps. I mean with binoculars and all, but with his own eyes behind them.

He said there was thick black smoke coming from a chimney.

That was last week. It's May outside.

I don't know what to believe, but I can see the truth on Pedar's face. He's scared. And so am I.

I'll write more when I know more. Feel free to send those encouraging notes in the comments, but not all at once!

Thank you all. It makes me feel not so alone up here. Alfie.

April 14, 2009

Who is Alfie Fatiri?

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That’s what everyone wants to know. We’re not sure if it’s a hoax or not, but wow, if it’s true, that’s some kid and some situation. All we can say from everyone here at Moxie Dangerous is our hearts go out to you Alfie and we’re pulling for you. Let us know if there’s any way we can help get you out of that attic!


Update 4/19/09:

alfie.jpgAlfie finally put up some photos to allay the seething masses and prove he’s legit. We’ve cropped this one of him down the bare essentials.

It’s blurry, but if anyone can prove this is some other kid or stock photography from the internet, then please let us know! But if you ID the kid, please don’t out him just yet. Alfie Fatiri is clearly his nom de plume and we don’t want to get him arrested.

–Mo Brownstein

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